How To Do Mobile Marketing?

Learning how to do mobile marketing efficiently is vital in attracting new customers to your brand. There are a number of steps you should follow when creating your marketing strategy, which I will go through briefly in this How to mobile marketing post:

The first thing any good mobile marketer should do is to get to know their target audience. It is important that you are sure your campaign is properly tailored to the characteristics of your customers. You should know how much they use new technology, if they already access your site on their smartphone, if they will be willing to receive regular messages from you etc. It is only worth setting out on a mobile marketing campaign if it’s right for you and your customers.

Next, creating a fully optimized website that works well on each of the various mobile operating platforms is essential. Remember that most smartphones offer a very limited viewing area, and users are not inclined to spend long browsing. It is important to keep your audience’s attention with direct and clear messages, use striking images and keep text to a minimum. Also remember to make any telephone numbers callable with a single click, and tailor any e-mails by writing short subject lines and avoid any slow loading graphics.

Thirdly, think about your content. Always think about how to take advantage of the personal nature of mobile marketing; how to take advantage of the increased availability of your audience; and how to modernize your message to suit the changing browsing practices on mobile devices. An example of this is to create adverts that are time and location specific, such as an offer for the first ten customers to visit your store when they have some free time, like on a Saturday afternoon. The changing habits of today’s internet users are forcing the length and size of content to be reduced. You should take this into account, not only on your mobile specific content, but also on your main website and social sites.

Finally, measure your results. Clearly define your goals at the outset and then start to measure them at regular intervals. Remember that it can take several months for your actions to take their desired effect, so don’t become down heartened if you don’t see the results you hoped for straight away.

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