Meer followers twitter: Hoe doe je dat?

Meer Followers Twitter

Op zoek naar meer followers op mij twitter account, en niet zo maar followers, maar potentiele klanten, kwam ik dit superartikel tegen:

ik ben fan!

Tweet Your Way To New Clients

by Derek Fredrickson on Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

I did a call this week for a Social Media Telesummit that is launching soon and it was about Twitter Marketing. As you probably have seen by now, I’m a Twitter (and social media) fanatic and a huge proponent of Twitter to help build your business. In fact, my success in building my email list to well over 500 people in just a few months is comprised of nothing more than article marketing and social media. People who discount the value of Twitter as an authentic Internet marketing strategy are probably not doing it correctly.

In this article, I reveal 5 Twitter strategies to authentically build your list, connect with prospects, and ultimately get new clients.

Klik hier om Dereks strategieen te lezen

Veel leesplezier, en toepas-plezier 🙂



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