What is Mobile Marketing?


Mobile Marketing is the latest hot topic in the world of online marketing, and as is so often the case, while every business knows they have to be involved, many have no real idea what it is or what it entails. Go to any online marketing conference and you see the experts pulled to one side and, in a hushed tone, asked the same questions: “What is mobile marketing and why should I care?”

So just what is mobile marketing?

Simply put, mobile marketing is a marketing strategy that is specifically tailored to those using smart phones, or other mobile devices. What differentiates mobile marketing from other forms of online marketing is the level of engagement with the customer. Mobile marketing is far more geared to the direct generation of sales than other forms of marketing due to the manner in which these devices are used.

The most common form of mobile marketing is SMS (Short Message Service), commonly referred to as text messages. These are short messages, such as offers or coupons that are sent directly to those users who have chosen to opt in. SMS marketing differs from e-mail marketing in that; as users have become more accustomed to receiving bulk e-mails, they are far more careful about which ones they choose to open. However, once they opt in to an SMS service the open rate increases dramatically, and the message is far more likely to be read.

A WAP Site (Wireless Application Protocol) is a webpage which has been specifically tailored to fit a mobile device. A user on a mobile device will be automatically redirected to the WAP site for a far improved browsing experience.

In a similar way, mobile paid placement and inclusion is where a fee is paid for search engine indexing and prominent placement specifically on mobile devices. Other forms of mobile marketing include mobile game advertising and app advertising.


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