Why Use Mobile Marketing

Although many business owners are aware of mobile marketing, many don’t understand why mobile marketing should be a key component in their overall strategy, especially if they already have an online marketing campaign up and running. Where many people get confused is how mobile marketing differs from more general forms of online marketing, and why they should tailor their existing strategy.

The key thing to understand here is why mobile marketing is more direct than online marketing. Mobile marketing is generally far more focused on making an actual sale, rather than the generation of leads. Smartphone users are generally looking to complete a transaction, or compare prices quickly, rather than simply browsing. The message should therefore be more personalized and direct. This is perhaps the greatest challenge in any mobile marketing campaign.

So once the difference between mobile and online marketing is clear, the next question to ask is why use mobile marketing at all? The answer here is simple, if current trends continue, soon enough almost everybody will use their mobile devices to make or investigate their purchases. Right now it is estimated that 116 million people in America use a smartphone on a regular basis, eMarketeer estimates that over half of all mobile users will soon be using smartphones, and by 2016, 60% of all consumers will own one. The importance of these figures becomes clear when you consider that 60% of smartphone users have made a purchase online at least once, and 87% have used their smartphone to make a physical purchase in a store.


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